Option 1: Run CHORDS on Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

If you don’t have an AWS account, it’s easy to create one. The standard CHORDS portal uses an Amazon “micro instance”, which can be free for the first year.

Open an AWS account


Create an amazon account and set up your server through amazon. The standard server is a “Micro Instance” which is free for the first year of use.

Create AWS Portal

Option 2: Run CHORDS on Jetstream


If you are NSF funded then you can use a Jestream instance free! If you aren’t that’s still ok. You can apply for a trial account similar Amazon and request more allocations later while contributing to the scientific community!

Create a Jetstream Server

Option 3: Run CHORDS on prefered Operating System


CHORDS can be run on a cloud service of your choice, or just a local machine, running Linux, MacOS or Windows. Configure the operating system, and then run the CHORDS control script to create a CHORDS Portal instance.

Create a Portal

Option 4: Other

Sadly our crystal ball broke before we could foresee all of your needs. If you aren’t able to find an option that suits your projects needs there are many options for virtual machines (vm’s) and servers out there.